Everybody knows us as ABOUT PARIS LONDON. People often ask where our name comes from.

The idea of
ABOUT PARIS LONDON started in 2013 when founders and fashion couple Daphne Oosthuizen (November 4, 1988) and Jermaine Linga (March 15, 1985) got pregnant. A pregnancy that turned into an idea: starting an online fashion business where people could find "get-rid-of-the-box" funky clothes, accessories and games for children and adults. 

A website was registered in January 2014 and www.AboutParisLondon.com went live in May 2014. At first, it started off as a blog about affordable fashion, but then immediately changed into a blog about daily looks of their baby girl after she was born on June 5. They gave her the name 

In March 2016, ABOUT PARIS LONDON's online store officially became a fact! And obviously with affordable price tags. Amsterdam's craziest online funky fashion store also started to offer the dopest styling services for young and old!


Nowadays, ABOUT PARIS LONDON stands for Change, Diversity and Inclusivity. We truly believe that representation matters. The fashion industry still has a diversity problem. When we talk about diversity, we include the entire world population. Not only all colors and body types with different shapes and sizes, but also people with Albinism, Alopecia, Amputation, Down Syndrome, Rare Birthmarks, Vitiligo and other conditions are received with open arms at ABOUT PARIS LONDON's fashion shoots and runway shows.

In March 2019, APL MODELS - a division of ABOUT PARIS LONDON - opened its doors. This is Amsterdam’s most diverse modeling agency. Cause what’s normal? Diversity is! So, never apologize for (just) being you.